How a Water Softener Works

Hard water is good for plants, animals and humans. It is the easiest form of water to find, whether it is raining from the sky or being provided by local utilities.

Boise Area Hard Water… 5 Fatal Problems

Whether we are at home or work, hard water conditions are something we all battle in the Boise, Treasure Valley & many areas throughout Idaho.

Before we look at the fatal problems of hard water, we’ll quickly answer 2 questions people ask us every week. They are:  “What is hard water?” and “Where is the hardest water in the Treasure Valley?”

Boise & Meridian Area Water Information

How Good is Our Area Water?

The Boise Valley and surrounding areas are prone to water quality issues. Some of our water issues are caused by geological conditions of our area.

The mountains around us contain high concentrations of minerals or toxins like arsenic, those items run down into our water supply.

The Top 5 Items to Consider Before Buying a Water Softener

A water softener removes calcium, magnesium and other minerals dissolved in hard water to make it “softer”.

Benefits include: soaps clean better & rinse more thoroughly, your skin & hair feels less dry and healthier. Water spotting & “scale’ build up is reduced on your sinks, tubs, tile & fixtures.

Cascade, McCall & Donnelly Area Water Information

Water is one of the necessities of life, and people may take it for granted unless they experience a shortage of water or do not have access to clean, pure water.

Water quality in different areas of the country varies for several reasons.

Concentrations of minerals and toxins are higher in places, and air or water pollution may be greater in some areas.

Due to the natural minerals and contaminants found in the mountainous rock & ground in the Cascade, McCall and Donnelly areas of Idaho, we find ourselves helping these residents frequently with well water quality issues.