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Whether you have water quality problems in a well water system, spring water system, or city water issues, we can help you. There is no water quality problem that we cannot create a quality solution for! Our goal is to save you time, money & get you the results you want…

We’ve listed the common home water quality problems & solutions with links to more information and products lower on this page.

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Iron, “Nasty Crud” or Foul Odors In Your Well Water? Here’s your solution…

The continuous water cycle…

Nature intended us to have high quality water. This is why we have the continuous water cycle, whereby water from our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams falls to the ground as rain or snow and becomes filtered as it seeps through the earth’s surface. As the water works its way through the ground, however, it picks up minerals by dissolving limestone, causing water hardness. Water may also come into contact with iron, manganese, Arsenic and other contaminants, which cause additional water treatment problems.

The chart below lists typical whole house water quality problems and indicates which equipment effectively corrects any problems you may have in your home.

Water Chart

Water Quality
Symptoms Recommended
Hardness Mineral deposits on dishes and glassware; stiff, dingy laundry; high soap usage and need for fabric softeners; dry, itchy skin and scalp; unmanageable hair; extra work to remove soap curd on bathtubs and shower stalls; high energy costs due to scale build-up in pipes and on appliances. Scale build up in sinks, tubs, faucets & appliances. Water Softener
Chlorine, foul
odors and tastes
Chlorine taste; foul odors; damage to hair; itchy skin. Backwashing
filter using
activated carbon
Iron &
Unpleasant metallic tastes; rust particles; staining on plumbing fixtures; red water; odors. Iron filter system
Turbidity Cloudy water; sediment, sand, silt and rust particles. Media filter
Acidic water (low pH) Green stains on bathroom sinks and other porcelain surfaces; blue green water. (Acidic water may cause corrosion of pipes & plumbing fixtures.) Acid neutralizer
using Calcite
Tannin Brownish, tea colored water; musty odors. Tannin filter
Arsenic A naturally occurring element found in ground water, Arsenic is a carcinogen at high concentrations, and the EPA reports Arsenic may cause adverse health effects in low concentrations. Testing for Arsenic is highly recommended. Arsenic Reduction

Idaho Water Solutions offers solutions for any home or business water quality issue listed in the chart above or others you may be having. We offer a free “No Pressure” water analysis & equipment needs assessment. Simply call us at 208-475-4046 or use our Quick Contact Form to schedule. Please also feel free to contact us with any water quality questions you may have!

More information & links below on some of our products & services to fix your water:

Safeway® Salt or Salt Free Water Softeners

Safeway® Salt or Salt Free Water Softeners and Water Conditioners“Hard” water is not considered unhealthy; however, hard water problems end up costing you money through increased soap usage, shorter life for appliances, damage caused by scale build up in showers, tubs, sinks, build & damage up in pipes and water heating units, and other factors. To correct water hardness, Idaho Water Solutions offers a wide range of water softener & conditioning systems, designed to improve water quality throughout your entire household.

Enjoy the many benefits Safeway® water softeners provide:

  • Spot-free glassware and dishes.
  • No mineral deposits on bathtubs and shower stalls.
  • Brighter, softer laundry.
  • Less reliance on water softening products.
  • Dramatic reduction in soap usage.
  • Manageable hair because shampoo works better.
  • Pipes remain free of calcium scale build-up.
  • Extended life of appliances and reduced energy costs because scale is virtually eliminated.
  • Spot-free car wash (if softened water is used)

More info on our Safeway tm Water Softeners

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We also build customized systems to not only soften your water, but can include filtration & treatment systems to take care of other water issues you may be experiencing.

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Iron Zapper® whole house filter systems for Iron, Sulfur (rotten egg odor), and Manganese reduction

Iron is one of the most common elements found in nature, and most ground waters contain a measurable amount of iron. Iron stains bathtubs, toilets, sinks, driveways and it will even stain the side of your house in sufficient concentrations. Idaho Water Solutions offers the Iron Zapper™. This is a high tech backwash filtration system for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese from water supplies. The filter media system utilizes an oxidation reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance.

  • Iron - Hydrogen Sulfide - Manganese icon (1)The best iron, manganese & sulfur (rotten egg odor) reduction system available.
  • Highest flow rate of any iron removal media.
  • High efficiency with 80% manganese dioxide for enhanced performance and capacity.
  • Effective, from 5.0 to 9.0 pH.
  • Sulfur Shield Logo - Remove sulfur smell from waterSystem is easy to program, with 10 pre-programmed regeneration cycles to optimize water treatment.
  • Extremely low maintenance & operation costs.

More Info on Iron Zapper tm

Whole house filters for chlorine, taste, odor and sediment reduction

Whole House Filters

Activated carbon filters are highly popular because they correct a wide range of water quality problems, by removing chlorine, tastes, odors and sediment. We only use the highest quality and best performance tested filters & systems.


  • Great tasting water from every tap in your house!
  • No bad tastes!
  • No foul odors!
  • Crystal clear water for drinking, bathing and cooking!
  • User-friendly equipment.
  • Low maintenance due to automatic operation.

Whole house filters for sediment reduction with high efficiency filter media.

Whole House Micro-Z

Our filtration systems for sediment use our high performance filter media to provide increased loading capability and higher service flow rates. Unique Zeolite structure’s offers increased porosity to outperform conventional sand filters by reducing water consumption. The need to backwash is dramatically reduced!

Benefits & Features

  • High efficiency filter for increased solids loading.
  • Unique structure allows for higher flow rates.
  • Reduces water consumption because the need to backwash is dramatically reduced.
  • Reliable equipment, designed for long-term service.

Whole house filters for Arsenic reduction using highly effective Media for exceptional performance.

Media Tanks

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in ground water in may parts of the world. The World Health Organization and the U.S. EPA recognize Arsenic as a carcinogen and have determined it may cause long-term adverse health effects in concentrations above 10 ppb.

Arsenic concentration map for the United States
Arsenic Map

Note: US map is not detailed enough to accurately reflect water quality in any specific area. We highly recommend testing for Arsenic.

Highly Effective, High Quality Media Products

MediaGR2 Filter

Our media products utilize a patented process, whereby two components are combined to produce a unique water treatment media, which outperforms conventional Arsenic reduction materials.

Advantages are as follows:

  • Adsorbs both Arsenic III and IV.
  • NSF standard 61 certified.
  • Performs over a wide range of pH, up to 8.
  • Long life expectancy to reduce costs.
  • Engineered for residential applications.
  • Proven results!

MediaGR2 ControlElectronic control
A control valve with special electronics is used to determine when capacity has been reached. This provides assurance only safe water is being provided by the system.

Additional whole house water treatment systems

Application Problems Model
Cubic Ft.
Acidic water Low pH
Green stains
NN10-W100F Timeclock 10″ x 54″ 1.5 Yes
NN12-W100F Timeclock 12″ x 54″ 2 Yes
Tannin Discoloration (brown)
Applications vary from one geographic area to another, your authorized Watts dealer will consult the factory for recommendations.

Drinking Water Systems

Whole House Model5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Idaho Water Solutions can provide you with a full range of water quality improvement products for drinking water applications. This equipment includes reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet light disinfectant systems,  microbiological filters, under counter filters, whole house cartridge filters, whole house ROs and pre and post filters. We only use the highest quality and best performance tested filters & systems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Recognized as the best technology to remove the widest spectrum of drinking water contaminants. Under counter and whole house models are available.

More info on our Reverse Osmosis Systems

Microbiological Filter
Performance validated by independent lab. Removes bacteria, cysts, virus, chlorine, taste and odors. Certified to NSF Standard 42.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Big-Bubba® cartridge filter
Non-electric, non-metallic whole house filter for sediment, chlorine, taste and odor.

Big Bubba

Pre & Post Water Filters
“Big Blue” heavy duty whole house carbon water filter housings. Ideal before and after whole house water softeners .

Pre and Post Water Filter

UV light water disinfection systems
Popular in rural areas and when chlorine disinfection may not be adequate to reduce bacteria, e-coli and other harmful contaminants. Available in 110 and 230 volt models.


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