Cascade, McCall & Donnelly Area Water Information

Cascade, McCall & Donnelly Area Water Information

Water is one of the necessities of life, and people may take it for granted unless they experience a shortage of water or do not have access to clean, pure water.

Water quality in different areas of the country varies for several reasons.

Concentrations of minerals and toxins are higher in places, and air or water pollution may be greater in some areas.

Due to the natural minerals and contaminants found in the mountainous rock & ground in the Cascade, McCall and Donnelly areas of Idaho, we find ourselves helping these residents frequently with well water quality issues.

The main water quality issues we find in the Cascade, McCall & Donnelly areas well water are:

1.) Iron Contamination

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral from corroding metal, industrial waste, mining or rocks and sediment.

Although iron in water is not harmful to your health, it can create a need for expensive repairs and produce a bad taste in food and beverages. Too much iron produces a brownish color on plumbing fixtures and laundered clothing, and the iron can accumulate and clog washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances. When cooked in water containing iron, foods like vegetables turn dark and have a metallic, bitter taste, and that taste affects beverages like coffee and tea as well.

2.) Sulfur (rotten egg smell) Contamination

Sulfur in water produces the smell of rotten eggs, making the water unpleasant to drink.

Sulfur water is a condition where the running water contains a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas that escapes into the air when the plumbing line is opened, giving a distinct “rotten egg” smell

In most cases, sulfur water is caused by “sulfur bacteria” found in the water. It is not normally harmful to health, but in some cases it can be. It is best to have your water tested and treated to be sure.

Sulfur bacteria produce slime and can promote the growth of other bacteria, such as iron bacteria. The slime can clog wells, plumbing, and irrigation systems.

3.) Particulates

Particulates are particles of sand, dirt, rust and sediment in water, and those particulates make the water appear cloudy and taste and smell dirty.

Although they may not cause health concerns, particulates can carry other microbiological, inorganic and organic contaminants. They are also bothersome to drinking water and can cause sink aerators and screens to clog.


We provide proven, dependable, affordable solutions for the iron & sulfur water issues found in the Cascade, McCall and Donnelly areas.

Whether it is your home or business, we’ll be happy to analyze your water and recommend the system best suited to fix your specific water problems.

After installation of your new system, you’ll be able to enjoy drinking wholesome, healthy, great-tasting water without buying expensive, bottled water. Also, your appliances will not be damaged further and will last longer. Your quality of life increases.

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