Garden Valley Area Water Information

Garden Valley Area Water Information

Due to its mineral-rich sources, the water supply in the Garden Valley Idaho region has unique water quality issues.

Fortunately for area residents, the latest technology in home water purification and treatment helps eliminate the risks associated with daily consumption and use of this areas water.

We are in the Garden Valley area frequently to help residents with their water issues.

I wanted to give an overview of what we run into. Although these water conditions can be severe in many cases, we are successfully treating them to bring the water to healthy, enjoyable standards.

It is quite satisfying to know we are able to help and make a lasting difference in our client’s quality of life!

The primary contaminants and water quality issues we correct in the Garden Valley area water are:

1.) Iron

Is iron in well water harmful to your health?

Truthfully, it will not affect your health, but it will cause costly damage and other issues.

The water tastes bad and feels awful on your skin and hair.

Clothes will often come out of the washer dingy looking, rusty colored, or have rust colored spots on them. The inside of a dish washer will become rusty colored. Toilet bowls become severely stained. Light colored sinks and tubs become stained. The stains from iron are difficult to remove. Over time, iron in water can reap havoc on water heaters & plumbing.

Drinks like coffee, tea and other beverages taste badly. Food cooked in iron contaminated water turns dark and absorbs the taste of the water. Iron in the water reduces quality of life.

2.) Sulphur

Sulfur water is a condition where the running water contains a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas that escapes into the air when the plumbing line is opened, giving a distinct “rotten egg” smell

In most cases, sulphur water is caused by “sulphur bacteria” found in the water. It is not normally harmful to health, but in some cases it can be. It is best to have your water tested and treated to be sure.

Sulfur bacteria produce slime and can promote the growth of other bacteria, such as iron bacteria. The slime can clog wells, plumbing, and irrigation systems.

3.) Arsenic

Arsenic is a poison that is not harmful in tiny doses. However, if you drink water with higher than allowable levels of arsenic, over time it causes skin damage and circulatory problems. Arsenic in higher doses may even increase your risk of developing cancer.

Providing Proven and Dependable Clean Water  Solutions

If you have a well in the Garden Valley area, chances are you also have these water issues. We offer proven systems that are very affordable to give you clean, fresh, healthy water.

I also only offer water treatment & filtration systems that will give you many years of trouble free service.

Call to Schedule Your FREE “No Pressure” Water Analysis & System Needs Assessment!

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