How to Remove Iron & Sulfur from Your Well Water

How to Remove Iron & Sulfur from Your Well Water

Drinking water from your tap is a privilege that you can enjoy when you have a private well, unless iron and sulfur destroy that enjoyment! Many well water systems in Southern Idaho have this problem…

Removing iron and sulfur also does more than just improve the taste of your water. Treatment systems prevent your well water from corroding your fixtures, tarnishing your silver and staining your laundry. Your iced tea can have a beautiful amber color, and your water does not have to smell like rotten eggs.

Different types of iron & sulfur water treatments can improve your well water, but the level of effectiveness and convenience varies.

Here are the most common ways to remove iron or sulfur in your well water:

Shocking Your Water System with Chlorine

A high dose of the bleach that you use in your laundry is capable of killing iron and sulfur bacteria when the concentration is strong enough and the contact time is sufficient. Putting a high dose in your well and letting it circulate in your water system for 24 hours gives it time to kill the bacteria before you flush it out. Sulfur and iron bacteria are hard to kill, and you may have to resort to continuous chlorination.

Installing a New Well

An option to consider when you tire of buying bottled water is replacing your well with one that is either shallower or deeper than the existing one. You may need to ask a certified hydrologist to advise you. Choosing a different location on your property may produce water that has a lower concentration of iron and sulfur bacteria.

Replacing Your Hot Water Heater

Smelling hydrogen sulfide in water that comes from your hot water faucet may mean that you need to consider your hot water heater as a potential problem.  If it has a magnesium corrosion control rod, you can decrease the odor by replacing the rod with a new one made of zinc or aluminum. Replacing the hot water heater is an option if you verify the type of corrosion control rod that it uses.

Installing an Iron – Sulfur Water Treatment System

The challenge here is in choosing the most efficient, convenient, and cost effective solution.

At Idaho Water Solutions, we offer effective treatment options for your home or business. Our reverse osmosis water filter and purification systems remove harmful contaminants from your well water and prevent foul taste and odors. At factory direct pricing, you can get a state of the art system that ends your worries about your water quality.

Technological advances allow our Iron Zapper water filter system to remove contaminants from your well water, including sulfur and iron bacteria. More effective than other systems on the market today, it produces a superior level of purity for your water supply. We offer the best equipment at the most competitive prices with exceptional service.

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