How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

When sediment from hard water is left inside sink basins, tubs and on faucets or shower heads, a water softener can remedy the problem.

Improving water quality and saving on the time it takes to get bathrooms and kitchens clean is a matter of choosing the right water softener for the job.

Understanding how much these appliances cost helps property owners to determine whether a purchase can fit into the household budget.

Exact costs vary according to the size and type of the softener, and installation will contribute to the total cost of the unit. Taking these considerations and the information outlined below into account helps with the process of making a decision.

Types of Water Softeners

There are three main types of water softeners, and the type that is chosen will impact cost:

• Salt-based softeners range widely in price. Low-end models can be found under $500, while the best salt-based softeners can reach over $2,500.

• Salt-free conditioners also tend to range in cost, with prices falling between $1,200 and $3,000.

• Magnetic water conditioners tend to be the least expensive option. These water conditioners rarely cost more than $1,000, and there are options that cost as little as $100.

Size Considerations

The size of the filter that is used to soften the water in a home will depend upon the hardness of  the water. Hardness is measured as grains per gallon (GPG), and higher GPG readings will  require a larger investment due to the increased size of the filter. Households will less than 10  GPG can typically make do with a 32,000 grain system.


The most common feature of a water softener is a timer-based system that will soften water at a set time each day. Other systems are able to soften water as needed. Timer-based water softeners tend to cost less to run, saving homeowners about $100 per year.

Installation Costs

The cost of installation will depend on the type of water softener that is chosen, but most plumbers charge a fee of about $600 for this service. Smaller water softeners that take a short time to install may only require an installation fee of $100.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Water softeners are not the type of appliance that can just be left to work without regular maintenance. Salt is used in order to provide the softening effect in salt-based softeners, and this salt generally costs homeowners about $200 per year.

While property owners have the option to add salt to the softener on their own, it is also possible to hire a company to add the salt on a monthly basis to save time. If homeowners opt for a water softener that does not use salt to treat hard water, there is no need to worry about the cost of salt or hiring someone to add salt to the softener.

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