Iron, “Nasty Crud” or Foul Odors In Your Well Water?

Here’s your solution… True story:

I received a call from a family in Garden Valley. They were having a problem with iron and “rotten egg sulfur smell” in their water (like many wells do in Boise & our surrounding mountain areas) . The first thing I picked up during the conversation was how frustrated they were… and ticked!

My new prospective client had other companies install multiple water filter systems over several years to “fix” their iron & water odor problem… He even put one in himself. Non truly worked. He had wasted a lot of money & time. On top of that, he’d also had “nightmare” maintenance & installation problems.
Actual Garden Valley Water Photo: Before & after installing the “Iron Zapper” water filter system. Typical results!

Unfortunately, we hear stories like the one above nearly every week around the Boise area. It gets better though. Read on…

I set up an appointment to go out to their home, have a look and do a free water analysis.

When I arrived, sure enough all of the “iron in the water” signs & damage were thereIron staining in the sinks, tubs & toilets. Faucets with low water pressure. Visible iron particles, the water looked reddish cloudy & discolored, it tasted bad and… it stunk.

I knew the worse damage was where they couldn’t see, in their pipes & appliances. The free water analysis I performed confirmed 15 PPM iron content plus other contaminants. Pretty typical for well water in our area.

We had seen and treated iron in well water problems hundreds of times over the years & knew exactly what to do. I explained our “Iron Zapper™ water filter System” would truly fix their water problem. I guaranteed it. And, with years of trouble free service.

They’d heard these types of promises before. But since I guaranteed what I was saying or their money back, they had nothing to lose. They said “Dude… Go for it.”

I took out their old system and installed the new Iron Zapper™ system in 1.5 hours. Within 5 minutes after turning the water back on in the house, I poured a glass of water from their kitchen tap and compared it to the pre Iron Zapper water. The water was perfectly clear had gone from 15 PPM iron content (and a ton of other impurities) to a perfect “0” after the Iron Zapper™ system! The rotten egg sulfur metallic smell was totally gone too.

The photo at the top of this page is the actual before & after photo from this job…

Now, my very happy clients enjoy clear, crisp, clean mountain water with NO metallic taste, no odors, great for drinking and never have to deal with any iron discoloration inside their home. The Iron Zapper will also clean up their pipes & appliances over time.

I installed that system over a year ago & there have been absolutely no problems. My clients can expect the Iron Zapper™ water filter system to produce these trouble free results for many more years to come. They also know I will stand behind it and make sure they have no problems… and so can you.

What Exactly is The Iron Zapper™?

This is a little “techy” so please bare with me… The Iron Zapper™ is a high tech backwash filtration system for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese from water supplies. The filter media system utilizes an oxidation reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance.  Iron Zapper™ contains 80% manganese dioxide in an extremely unique cluster format for enhanced performance and maximized capacity. Iron Zapper™ out performs Greensand, Birm, etc. due to the purity of its particles, superior oxidation & filtration capacity, and durability. Iron Zapper™ also uses an automated backwash process to keep the filter system clean, functioning properly, and trouble free. OK… Enough of the techno jargon!
The “Iron Zapper” water filter system. Removes Iron, Sulfur, Manganese & “Rotten Crud” from your water better than any other! 100% Guaranteed…
Bottom line? The Safeway Iron Zapper™ works better, longer, with the least maintenance & cost than any other iron, sulfur, and manganese removal filter system on the market.

We’ve installed hundreds of these systems without any problems and our clients are thrilled.

Sulfur Shield Logo - Remove sulfur smell from waterThe design of each iron filter system varies due to the nature of your waters chemistry and other factors we examine during a free (no pressure) visit to your home.
We conduct a free water analysis & equipment needs assessment to match the exact iron system for you. Perfect, “no mess left behind” installation is included with your system. We do not sub out any of our installs or services. Complete Iron Zapper™ systems are extremely competitive in price and second to none in performance.
To get an exact price quote for your specific Iron Zapper™ water filtration system or other water problem solution, simply:

Call to Schedule Your FREE “No Pressure” Water Analysis & System Needs Assessment!

Also feel free to call if you simply have water problem or equipment questions…

Save Time. Save Money. Get the Results You Want…

My Guarantee to you: I guarantee you’ll be incredibly happy with this filter system and my services. If you are unhappy for any reason, please call me and I will come back out to fix the problem. If I cannot, I’ll return your water system back to the prior condition, give you back 100% of your money, and we’ll part friends!


Josh Wolfgram – CEO Idaho Water Solutions

PS – Here is a comment from one of my happy “Iron Zapper” clients:

“Our cabin’s well water looked like iced tea.  My wife, who is a natural blonde, refused to wash her hair because the water tinted it an odd orange color.

Since Josh installed the “Iron Zapper” system, we have terrific clear water& ice, and squeaky-clean dishes, appliances, sinks, toilets and yes—showers!

The price was very fair and Josh’s service is excellent.”


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