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Idaho Water Solutions
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Lynn Gramkow on Idaho Water Solutions
Best thing we ever did!
City: Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

Josh installed the Iron Zapper in our house 3 months ago. It was the best thing we ever did! Within just a few days I could tell how well it worked. I no longer spend hours everyday cleaning sinks, tubs, showers and toilets. It has saved me money every month in cleaning products, filters for drinking water pitchers and laundry aids. It will pay for itself in a very short time! My dishes no longer have water spots, clothes come out cleaner and whites stay white. I can actually buy white clothes again!
My water doesn't smell or leave rings in dishes or pots and pans. Canning jars come out crystal clear after a water bath rather than covered in film. It saves me so much time I can do more things I enjoy. I don't need to buy distilled water for mixing glazes for my pottery and have more time to do the things I love. I'd rate this a 10 star! It was the best anniversary gift I have ever received bar none. Thank you Idaho Water Solutions! I recommend you to everyone I know.

by Greg Davies on Idaho Water Solutions
City: Nampa, Idaho

The old water system that we had purifying our well water was not doing a very good job. We contacted Josh at Idaho water solutions, and he came out rapidly. Josh assessed our situation and explained exactly what system he was going to put in. In no time we had the new system put in. He also recommended a filter system for under the kitchen sink.

The water that we’re drinking is incredibly good. Has a much better taste than what we had with you original system.

We have used Josh for filter change and checking our system on a regular basis. Josh is always polite and professional. Also we had one problem and he came out and fixed it at no charge to us.

by David Gagliano on Idaho Water Solutions
Excellent Service
City: Meridian, ID

Josh from Idaho Water Solutions is simply the best when it comes to Dependablity, Excellent Service , and experience when you require
Water treatment of any kind, Josh, is the man to call. Second time we had the pleasure of doing business with this fair and honest company. Thanks again Josh. David & Inez

by Richard Fitzsimons on Idaho Water Solutions
Great Performance & Value
City: Meridian, ID

My Safeway softener and water purification systems perform great and are economical to operate. Josh provided outstanding service and customer support. I would highly recommend them for all your water needs.

by Donna Iverson on Idaho Water Solutions
So Worth It
City: Midvale

We went from water so orange my children were afraid to take a bath to clean crystal clear water in only one day.
Thank You!

by Gene Ray on Idaho Water Solutions
City: Caldwell

We have had Josh's quality products more than 3 years. System has functioned without fail and has produced excellent results! We had a previous system that constantly failed and produced very poor results at best. Josh promptly services the equipment when needed. Totally satisfied, need I say more?

by David Gagliano on Idaho Water Solutions
Excellent Service
City: Boise

We are thrilled that we decided to hire Josh after vetted several other
Companies we found that Idaho Water Solutions would prove to be
The most honest, professional, expedient,and best value. When we
Requested the " one year " filter replacement and maintenance check
Josh promptly responded once again with the same professional attitude
He displayed when he first installed our very efficient Softner system.
Our family remains extremely pleased with the product and the service
We received from our new friend Josh.
Thank you for a job well done!

by Rich Primrose on Idaho Water Solutions
Top Notch!
City: Eagle

Over the cold weather in January 2016 our garage door broke and was open over night with sub freezing temperatures. We had no water because the water softener had frozen solid. I called Idaho Water solutions for help, Josh showed up within the hour and defrosted our pipes, re-flushed our system and mitigated any frozen/broken pipes or any additional damage. Top that off - the time spent he secured the garage door to ensure everything would be fine until the door was repaired. If you want top notch system with quality service, look no further than Josh at Idaho Water Solutions - I refer all our friends and family to him.

by David Gagliano on Idaho Water Solutions
Professional. Fast. Thanks!
City: Boise

We interviewed several companies and Josh was the most

prepared and professional we spoke with along with his

firms reasonable price. Josh installed our water treatment

system promptly the same day and came back quickly when

we had a minor water leak to easily correct the problem.

We have recommended Josh to many friends and neighbors

and they to have raved about the excellent service.

Thanks so much Josh at Idaho Water Solutions !

David & Inez

by Diana Papili on Idaho Water Solutions
Allergy Relief
City: Boise

It is SO nice to have soft water again!

I have allergies and the chlorine and hard water can make my skin get itchy rashes. I'm glad I had my water softener and reverse osmosis purifier installed very soon after I moved into my newly constructed patio home. It will keep my skin happy and my home and appliances free from water spots and hard water deposits.

Plus Josh came up with an extremely creative solution for connecting my RO purifier to my refrigerator's ice maker. I even use the purified water in my pets' water bowl.

Good job, Josh. You delivered a good product for a competitive price and with great customer service. You rock!

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