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Idaho Water Solutions offers a full line of water softeners and water conditioners featuring the latest salt and salt free technologies.

Our systems are designed to correct any well or municipal water application where hard water & scale are a problem.

We choose to offer only softeners that we can stand behind 100%. Water softeners that will give you the best results available & the incredible value you desire..

To recommend the best water softener installation for you, we check your water flow rate, water hardness level and other details specific to your home. Simply call for your “Free “No Pressure” Water Analysis & System Needs Assessment!

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More Reasons to Buy Your Water Softener
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Idaho Water Solutions is committed to excellence in every water softener system we sell or service. We talk with people every week that are unhappy with the water treatment system they have bought in the past elsewhere. Our goal is to save you time, money, and allow you to receive the results you want. Our team of certified water professionals and installation experts will design a system for your home through correct water analysis and customer education so you can be sure you’ve made the best decision. We are very picky… everything from the softeners we sell to how we perfectly install your softener leaving no mess behind, our focus is to exceed your expectations. We handle all of our sales, installation & service in house… nothing is “subbed out.”

Idaho Water Solutions honors manufacture warranties in-house. What this means for you is a “no hassle process” where you would deal directly with us should any warranty issues arise. Warranty issues are rare because we only offer quality equipment, but if there were an issue we fix them quickly. This means no wasted time for you and the problem is fixed by the same professionals that originally installed system. The water softeners we provide will carry some of the best & longest warranties available. We will give you the written warranty upon installation.

The Latest Salt & Salt Free Water Softener Technologies


Idaho Water Solutions keeps up to date & offers the latest advancements in water softener technology.

After listening to your concerns & desires, we conduct a free water analysis & equipment needs assessment. This allows us to recommend the best type water softener system & method for you. At that time we can also recommend including other water conditioning components to handle other water issues you may have.

Issues like iron, chlorine, sulfur (rotten egg odor) or the need for a drinking water filter. We can then include those in a discounted package for you.

We’ve listed more links lower on this page to help you understand the differences in water softener technologies (including salt, no salt & Easy salt free alternatives). We want you to have access to the knowledge you are looking for so you can make an informed, intelligent decision.

Idaho Water Solutions line of water softeners come with “smart valves” that have a very different approach to conserving water, salt, and energy.” Smart Valves have diagnostic capabilities and continuously display important data across the LED display panel in real time to show last generation date, gallons remaining before next regeneration, current flow rates, peak flow rates, avg. daily gallons used and other important operational information.

Smart Valves operate at lower salt settings to conserve water and salt while still giving you full water softening capacity. They regenerate the resin bed based on water usage, not time and this reduces water usage, energy and salt consumption. Brine Tanks come with a safety float valve to prevent brine water overflow, also a brine well and salt grid to keep water softener salt clean. In a nutshell, we offer the most advanced, energy efficient & cost effective equipment you can buy…

I guarantee you’ll be incredibly happy with our water softener system and services. If you are unhappy for any reason, please call me and I will come back out to fix the problem. If I cannot, I’ll return your water system back to the prior condition, give you back 100% of your money, and we’ll part friends!

Josh Wolfgram – CEO Idaho Water Solutions

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Check Out This Months IWS Bonus Water Softener Sale!

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