Boise & Meridian Area Water Information

Boise & Meridian Area Water Information

How Good is Our Area Water?

The Boise Valley and surrounding areas are prone to water quality issues. Some of our water issues are caused by geological conditions of our area.

The mountains around us contain high concentrations of minerals or toxins like arsenic, those items run down into our water supply.

Other factors that effect our water quality are air pollution, surface water run off, and chemicals that are flushed down toilets and drains (like unused medications, cleaning chemicals, etc.)

This is an actual photo taken of Meridian water  found in the filter housing during a routine filter change for one of our clients. We see this at every filter change service we do in the Boise, Meridian and surrounding areas. The water gets even worse as you head towards Garden Valley..

What About Water Treatment Plants?

Water treatment facilities work to remove inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and radionuclides from ground run off and sewer water before returning this water to the river.

In spite of water treatment, there are still compounds found in our water that are not healthy. .. even though EPA standards are met.

Source of Most Boise Area Water

In the Boise City area, approximately 70% of your water is supplied from 85 wells located in the area.

The remaining 30% of your water comes from two surface water treatment plants (Marden Water Treatment Plant and Columbia Water Treatment Plant) which treat water from the Boise River.

Outlying areas such as Meridian, also rely on municipal wells for the main water supply. Municipal wells tap the groundwater supply from 300 to 800 feet below ground level. Water from these various depths and locations varies in chemical composition and overall quality…


Although no supplemental fluoride is added to the water, Fluoride is a naturally-occurring element in the Boise area.  Fluoride levels run between .20 – .60  mg/L  (or higher) depending on your location.

What’s interesting is while we were researching this post, we couldn’t find a 2011 water test or quality report online for either the Boise or Meridian area.

One thing for sure, the photo above and many others we take monthly, visually show what the water looks like around our clients water filter systems during filter changes.

Should You Buy Drinking Water?

From what we see and test weekly, buying drinking water is definitely better than drinking the water from your tap (if untreated.) Most people we know and talk to buy drinking water…

But when you run the costs over a year, it’s actually much cheaper and easier to have us install a quality water filter system. Not only that, but your water will even be better than what you can buy in most cases.

You may also have noticed the lime and scale build up on your sinks, toilets, tubs and showers. This is another problem with the water in our area.

We offer the newest technology water filter systems and water softeners all at an investment costs that will surprise you. We also back all equipment and service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This is a real picture of Meridian water taken after fix the routine filter for one of our clients.

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